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Q2/Spring 2024

Q2 Spring 2024

Q2/Spring 2024

What's Inside This Issue

What Every REALTOR® Can Do To Close the Homeownership Gap
Learn 10 things you can do to reinforce fair housing and close the homeownership gap. 


Who’s Your REALTOR®?: Your Favorite Ad Campaign Is Back
Find out where you and your clients will spot this year’s REALTOR®-boosting ads on TV, radio and social media.


Locked Out: The Struggle of California Homeowners To Secure Insurance
Discover what’s behind the insurance emergency and what you can do to help your clients. 


CCRE: Housing 2024 – The California Dream in Focus
Get a preview of 2024’s housing market issues. 


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Coming Next Issue

The next issue of California Real Estate will focus on Artificial Intelligence in real estate. Discover AI tools you can use to quickly create eye-catching listings and marketing copy and learn what to watch out for with AI-generated content. Hear from experts in AI and real estate professionals using AI on how it will affect the future of our industry, and how to stay authentic in an AI world. Read insights from the Center for California Real Estate’s AI panel of experts. Get a preview of this year’s REimagine! Conference & Expo, including star speakers, parties, hands-on workshops and activities to boost your business. 

Q3/Summer 2024

Mailing Date: June 29, 2024

Est. Arrival: July 12, 2024

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