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To find the information you need, selecting the right search terms and sufficiently specific keywords is critical.    For example:  It is better to search for zipForm than tools.


Our search engine is not case sensitive.  So whether you enter your search terms in lower case (example,) upper case (EXAMPLE) or mixed case (ExAMPle,) the search engine will return the same results. 


Should you need to find an exact occurance of a phrase, simply place the phrase inside quotation marks.  This will only return results featuring your exact phrase.  For example: "the state's largest real estate trade show".


It is not necessary to include "and" between multiple search terms.  Keep in mind, however, that the order in which your terms are typed will affect your results.


If your search results are returning pages dealing with other subjects, it can be helpful to exclude those terms from your search.  For example: counter offer -forms
The search will return results dealing with counter offer, however, will avoid those pages mentioning forms as well.



To the right of the search results page, you'll see a number of ways to filter your results based on site location, content type, and date a content item was published. The number to the right of the filter indicates the number of results available.

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