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C.A.R. Standard Forms are developed by the C.A.R. Legal Department which gathers input from real estate professionals and attorneys to create user-friendly, comprehensive, and dependable forms.

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Practice tips for how to comply with the new broker compensation rules. Learn how to use forms, talk to clients, and meet your legal and other obligations.

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If you're a member looking to resolve a minor dispute or communication issue with another REALTOR®, a C.A.R. ombudsman may be able to help!

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C.A.R. REALTOR® volunteers are specifically trained and are available to answer questions from other members about the Code of Ethics, and can provide information and limited counseling concerning its proper interpretation.

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Your lifeline to the lending community formerly known as the Finance Helpline and Mortgage Rescue™. Find contacts and answers to all mortgage related questions, and problems that arise in your real estate transaction. Get assistance today!

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The C.A.R. Real Estate Mediation Center for Consumers has mediators available to assist buyers and sellers (as well as other parties to real estate transactions) in resolving their disputes.

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Lone Wolf zipForm Edition

What is This?
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1. Log in to car.org and click on ACCESS ZIPFORM
2. You will see a pop-up urging you to renew your License Agreement – click YES and CONTINUE
3. You will see a list of Libraries/Products that are now renewed in a new pop-up window which can be closed
4. Continue working in Lone Wolf Transactions – zipForm Edition
5. Users will receive an email with a list of the Libraries/Products that are now renewed


1. Anyone using a non-member version of Lone Wolf Transactions – zipForm Edition will need to visit this link to renew: https://www.car.org/zipform/zf/nonmembers
2. Users must click on RENEW YOUR ACCOUNT and follow the instructions that come up next.

The purchaser must have a real estate license or attorney license to purchase non-member Lone Wolf Transactions – Zipform Edition

2-Factor Authentication
Lone Wolf Transactions – zipForm Edition now has an opt-in feature that will protect users’ accounts and confidential client information from unauthorized access! Any Lone Wolf Transactions – zipForm Edition user can opt in to Two-Factor Authentication, which means that each time you sign in to your Lone Wolf Transactions – zipForm Edition account, you will be asked to enter a code that will be sent to your email or mobile device to gain access to your zipForm account.

With Two-Step Verification, AKATwo-Factor Authentication, each time you sign in to your zipForm Plus account, a random and secret code is sent to your mobile device or email address which you will be asked to enter. This helps ensure that only you can log in to your account and that intruders, even if they guess your password, cannot log in to your account. We highly recommend that you turn on this extra security measure.

An additional layer of security
Protect your account and documents
Put your mind at ease

Help Combat Wire Fraud with Lone Wolf Transactions – zipForm Edition Collaboration
With an increasing number of wire fraud stories in the news, take steps now to protect your clients' interests. One easy step is to make the switch from email to a secure communication environment within Lone Wolf Transactions – zipForm Edition's Collaboration feature.

Using Lone Wolf Transactions – zipForm Edition's Collaboration feature enables you to quickly and easily share sensitive information, like wire transfer instructions, safely and securely with your clients, escrow officers or others involved in the transaction in a secure environment within the application. As an added benefit, you also will have an auditable electronic trail of all transaction-related documents when you use Lone Wolf Transactions – zipForm Edition Collaboration. It's a risk management/mitigation tool for today's busy real estate professionals. Take advantage of this great FREE feature of Lone Wolf Transactions – zipForm Edition today. 




Access files from any computer with an internet connection checkmark_transparent
Optimize workflow with the comprehensive transaction management system: zipTMS™


Apply one or multiple templates at any time during the transaction checkmark_transparent
Create, sign, track, and send all in one platform - integrated signature solutions checkmark_transparent
One-click form additions and predictive Smart Form additions checkmark_transparent
Advance search capabilities throughout to keep searching simple checkmark_transparent
Customize email signatures for consistent branding checkmark_transparent
Upload PDFs from any computer and add them to the transaction checkmark_transparent
Meet online and video-chat with clients to keep them up to date with zipConsult™ checkmark_transparent
Upload photos to your documents to keep a visual record checkmark_transparent
Outbound faxing and emailing of documents checkmark_transparent
Photo customization for convenience and easy visual reference checkmark_transparent
Email selected pages or an entire transaction as single PDF or individual PDFs


Complete integration with zipVault® long-term storage interface checkmark_transparent
Automatic flow of data from form-to-form checkmark_transparent
Fast Fill for quickly filling out forms making document language transparent


Clause editor, templates, spell checker, mortgage calculator,
sticky notes and more




C.A.R. Copyright Policy to ensure you are using your Member Benefit properly.

Minimum System Requirements: Recommended System Requirements
  • Windows XP and above (Windows XP requires Google Chrome 26 and above or Mozilla Firefox 18 and above)
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and above
  • Internet Explorer 9 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 18 and above
  • Safari 5.1.7 and above
  • Google Chrome 26 and above
  • Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 10 is not supported
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024x768
  • 2GB RAM
  • PDF viewer that meets current Adobe PDF standards
  • Internet Connection
  • Desktop or laptop computer
  • Windows 7 and above
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and above
  • Internet Explorer 9 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 18 and above
  • Safari 5.1.7 and above
  • Google Chrome 26 and above
  • Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 10 is not supported
  • Recommended Screen Resolution:
    1280x800 and above
  • 2GB RAM
  • PDF viewer that meets current Adobe PDF standards
  • Internet Connection
  • Desktop or laptop computer



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