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Californians for Homeownership

Californians for Homeownership was founded in response to the California Legislature’s call for public interest organizations to fight local anti-housing policies on behalf of the millions of California residents who need access to more affordable housing. 

Champions of Home Impact Awards

The Champions of Home Impact Awards honor California REALTORS® who have made a significant impact on their communities through volunteer efforts. 

Housing Affordability Fund Program

HAF plays an active role in addressing the ongoing housing affordability challenges facing California.

Make A Donation to HAF
C.A.R. Disaster Relief

C.A.R. stands ready to assist REALTORS® who have been impacted by wildfires through its Disaster Relief Fund and NAR's REALTORS® Relief Foundation.

California Disaster Resources
Scholarship Foundation

Scholarships for California students planning to pursue a career in real estate.

Education Foundation

Grants for California REALTORS® and residents pursuing real estate education.

Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Find out more information on key diversity and inclusion programs and projects available.

Fair Housing Latino Professionals Network C.A.R. Women's Initiative
Young Professionals Network

New to the industry? YPN is a network to sharpen your skills, heighten your leadership, and connect with fellow REALTORS®.

Rising Star Award
Guide to Benefits

Download and share the official 2024 C.A.R. Member Benefits Guide.

NAR Member Discounts C.A.R. Insurance Products
For New Members

As a C.A.R. member you may have questions about your association and the industry. Find the answers here.

New Member FAQs Glossary Service Providers
Membership Dues and Value

C.A.R. provides tremendous member value through its innovative tools, services and education. Learn more about C.A.R. membership and dues and NAR membership and dues.

Consumer Ad Campaign

C.A.R.'s annual consumer advertising campaign creates awareness of the REALTOR® brand and demonstrates the many benefits of the consumer-REALTOR® relationship.

Smart Zone

Smart Zone provides tools and insights necessary to convey your unique value proposition, effectively market your services, keep your clients abreast of current real estate market trends and help you achieve success in a dynamic industry.

2024 C.A.R. Officers

Meet the 2024 C.A.R. Leadership Team

C.A.R. Mission Statement

C.A.R. is a statewide trade association dedicated to the advancement of professionalism in real estate.

Annual Report
C.A.R. Impact Report

The CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® is committed to bring you tools and information to help you succeed. Here are some of the innovative tools, services and education C.A.R. provided to help you achieve your professional goals.

Media Center

C.A.R.'s Media Center houses the Association's news releases, media guidelines, and logos.

News Releases

C.A.R. and its subsidiaries are currently recruiting for the following job opportunities.

Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Advertise With Us

Learn about advertising with C.A.R.

Customer Service

Looking for additional assistance? The Customer Contact Center is looking forward to serving you Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.

Rosters & Directories

Need help finding the right person? Try searching through our various rosters & directories.


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Together, you are more than 190,000 California REALTORS® who have helped C.A.R. remain a powerful real estate organization for over a century. Our collective voice has worked to help preserve and promote excellence, integrity, and professionalism in the real estate industry. Thank you for your membership with C.A.R., one of the largest and most influential business associations in the country.

As a member, you have access to resources that can empower you, strengthen your capabilities as a REALTOR®, and help you promote your professionalism - all available to you at no cost, or offered at special member prices. Often these benefits are exclusive to you as C.A.R. members. In this calendar, you’ll find essential transactional tools, education resources, and information on how you can get more involved with the association.

I hope you take advantage of our vast array of offerings and benefits. Here’s wishing you the best of luck in your real estate career.

Thank you for your continued support.

Jennifer Branchini, 2023 C.A.R. President


Legal Services

Through C.A.R.'s suite of legal tools and member services, you have access to the latest information you need to decipher the complexities of a real estate transaction. With more than 150 collective years of experience in the field of real estate law, C.A.R.'s team of dedicated attorneys knows your business, your marketplace, and the legal challenges and pitfalls you face in your daily transactions. C.A.R.'s legal staff tracks developments in real estate's legal arena and delivers that information directly to you.


Legal Section of car.org

The expansive Legal section of car.org features important real estate law updates, helpful disclosure charts, and numerous legal articles written by C.A.R. attorneys. To access this free legal information, visit 

Legal Q&A 
C.A.R.'s attorneys have produced Legal Articles for more than 150 topics covering more than 30 subject areas affecting the real estate brokerage practice. Topics range from natural hazard disclosures and REO sales requirements to arbitration and fair housing. To read the articles, log on to the Legal section of car.org (http://www.car.org/legal) and select "Legal Q&As."


C.A.R. Member Legal Hotline

C.A.R.'s Member Legal Hotline, available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for transactional questions only. You can reach the Legal Hotline by calling (213) 739-8282 for live, personalized real estate advice from C.A.R. attorneys. Answers to many of your legal questions also can be found under "Legal Q&As" on the Legal section of car.org. Regularly updated by C.A.R. attorneys, these articles often are referenced during hotline calls. C.A.R. members who are brokers/owners, office managers, or designated REALTORS® may call (213) 739-8350 to receive expedited service. E-mail inquiries for the Hotline should be sent to [email protected]; include your full name, C.A.R. membership number, and phone number.


Legal Action Fund
C.A.R. proactively defends your real estate profession in the appellate courts through the Association's Legal Action Fund. The Fund has contributed to favorable decisions in several landmark cases in which C.A.R. filed amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs urging the court to consider the REALTOR® position. If you're involved in a real estate-related case going up on appeal, it may qualify for involvement from the Legal Action Fund. For information, contact Neil Kalin at (213) 739-8341 or [email protected] .


Realegal® Legal Updates by Email
Realegal® provides information about legal developments to all C.A.R. members. This free email newsletter contains breaking legal information and legal prevention tips to those who have an email address on file with C.A.R. To subscribe, verify your email address with your local association.


REALTORS® throughout the state have a long-standing tradition of community involvement and making a difference in the neighborhoods in which they serve. REALTORS® volunteer their time and effort in numerous charities and worthy causes. C.A.R. sponsors several charitable programs that help REALTORS® and their communities.

C.A.R. Disaster Relief Fund
C.A.R. established the C.A.R. Disaster Relief Fund in the wake of the devastating 2003 California wildfires. Grants provided by the fund were used to help members of the REALTOR® family -- REALTORS®, their staff, and association members and their staff -- who incurred substantial losses due to the wildfires. Today, C.A.R. continues to reach out to those affected by natural and other disasters by distributing grants of $1,000 to $10,000 from the fund.

C.A.R. Scholarship and Education Foundations
Since 1948, the C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation has provided awards ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 to students enrolled at a California college or university for professions that are centered on, or support a career in, real estate transactional activity. Real estate licensees who wish to pursue advanced real estate designations, degrees, or credentials also may be considered for scholarships. The C.A.R. Education Foundation was established in June 2005 to work in conjunction with the existing C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation. For more information, to donate, or to apply, visit

Communication and Information
We want you to walk into every transaction fully up-to-date on the latest breaking industry developments. That's why we provide timely access to the critical information you need to understand current market conditions and successfully counsel your clients. C.A.R.'s arsenal of topical newsletters, California Real Estate magazine, and electronic updates ensure that you have all the essential data you need as a REALTOR® to best represent your clients.

Media Relations
C.A.R.'s media relations division proactively develops and implements the Association's media and public relations strategy to address perceptions in the consumer media and industry at large about the California housing market and the real estate profession. News releases, media interviews, and news conferences are used to convey information about California's housing market and economy, legal issues impacting the real estate industry, C.A.R.'s efforts in the legislative and public-policy arenas, and other key industry topics. For information, contact Media Relations at (213) 739-8304 or email here Media Relations.

Consumer Advertising Campaign
Unprecedented times calls for an unprecedented marketing approach. That’s why C.A.R.’s new consumer advertising campaign takes a fresh look at content and media for a complex and ever-changing California real estate landscape. To see the current campaign, visit the website at www.championsofhome.com. For information, contact Anne Framroze at (213) 739-8322 or [email protected]

California Real Estate Magazine
As C.A.R.’s official publication, California Real Estate magazine delivers news about industry trends, business ideas, and practical solutions to common problems faced by the active practitioner. Full issues of every California Real Estate magazine now are available online in a user-friendly flip-through digital format on car.org.  For information, call (213) 739-8320.

Email Newsletters

C.A.R. Newsline
C.A.R. Newsline provides breaking news about economic trends, legal and legislative developments, and other issues affecting the real estate industry in an easy-to-read format delivered directly to your inbox every Wednesday. Local associations also have the option to co-brand C.A.R. Newsline and promote localized industry events and opportunities. To subscribe, verify that your correct email address is on file with your local association.


Market Matters
Market Matters offers proactive solutions to addressing media coverage as well as providing the tools to help you make sense of the often conflicting and confusing data, market studies, and news reports about REALTORS® and the real estate industry as a whole. Through the weekly Market Matters e-newsletter delivered to your inbox every Thursday, you’ll be armed and ready to position yourself as the market expert with your clients, while demonstrating the knowledge, experience, and expertise a REALTOR® brings to the transaction. 

Your Membership, Your Way Newsletter
Your Membership, Your Way is a monthly member communication featuring the must-have news, resources, and information from C.A.R. that will save you time, money--maybe even your sanity--as you navigate today's housing market. Now you can have this important information delivered to your inbox in real time.


As C.A.R.’s official website, car.org provides 24/7 access to the critical information you need as a real estate professional. car.org offers password-protected, members-only sections, as well as a customizable “Find a REALTOR®" profile . You’ll find discounts on key products and services as well as access to C.A.R.’s extensive market research and industry studies. You'll also have access to online education, continuing education, professional development, and license-renewal information. The Legal and Governmental Affairs sections give you the latest news about breaking developments in real estate law and related business practice issues. Dates and locations of upcoming C.A.R., NAR , and other industry events are available, as well as committee materials and related information. For password-protected areas, you’ll need your NRDS number to create an account.  


C.A.R. Videos
From interviews with industry experts to coverage of C.A.R. events, C.A.R. produces short videos to help you stay informed about what's going on at C.A.R. and in the real estate industry at large.

Free Marketing Tools
Free materials and services to help you create more business and retain clients.

C.A.R. Business Products at a Glance
C.A.R. produces business products and tools to empower REALTORS® through its Real Estate Business Services, Inc. (REBS®) subsidiary. C.A.R. Business Products offers REALTORS® the tools needed to help grow their business, from the standard forms used in nearly every transaction in California to informative publications and the latest technology tools. Access the C.A.R. Business Products store at: store.car.org or call C.A.R. Customer Service at (213) 739-8227.   

C.A.R. Education at a Glance
For more than 30 years, C.A.R. has provided high-quality real estate education for its members. C.A.R. offers a variety of delivery methods, such as live webinar training (LearnMyWay®), online (available 24/7) and live lecture (at local Associations). The training provided exceeds industry standards for every member at any step in their career. Visit www.car.org/education to learn more .


zipForm®, the electronic version of C.A.R. standard forms designed to increase a REALTORS®’ productivity and help complete contracts more efficiently while reducing risk. With this free software for C.A.R. Members, can send contracts to clients via email and enter data automatically through the software’s fast-fill functionality. An enhanced “help” menu inside the program offers online tutorials, webinars, frequently asked questions, and more. Visit www.car.org/zipform or contact C.A.R. Customer Service at (213) 739-8227.


zipTMS Transaction Management
zipTMS ™, Transaction Management system woven within zipForm® Plus. The platform tracks and manages all transaction information and activities from listing through closing, including: listing and sale information, transaction contacts, documents, client satisfaction and all communication. More information can be found at: www.car.org/zipform/zf/zipTMS 


C.A.R. Member Discount Program
C.A.R.'s Member Discount program provides members with exclusive specials, offers and savings on the products and services needed most, including C.A.R. Insurance Products.


Outreach Presentations
Each year, C.A.R.'s Leadership Team, economists, attorneys, and lobbyists speak at local associations and brokerage offices to deliver the latest details about market conditions, legal and legislative developments, effective ways to use technology in your day-to-day business, tips to maximize zipForm® 6, and more. For information, contact C.A.R. at (213) 739-8200.


Government Affairs
C.A.R. monitors legislation and regulations affecting the real estate brokerage industry and private property owners' rights in California. In addition, C.A.R. uses its Member Mobilization network to involve and educate REALTORS® and communicate the REALTOR® position to lawmakers. C.A.R. also administers political action committees (PACs) to support candidates who understand and reflect REALTORS®' interests and to promote or defeat real estate-related initiatives.


Member Mobilization
The Member Mobilization program is designed to support C.A.R.'s policy agendas by involving REALTORS® in lobbying and political activities; the program plays a crucial role in successfully achieving C.A.R.'s legislative agenda. In response to C.A.R.'s Red Alerts and Calls-for-Action, thousands of REALTORS® responded and contacted their legislators about legislation or policy initiatives last year. Join the C.A.R. Governmental Affairs Team by becoming a Legislative Liaison today! For more information, contact DeAnn Kerr at (800) 337-9285 or [email protected].


Legislative Day
Each year, thousands of California REALTORS® convene at the State Capitol during Legislative Day to meet with their elected officials to discuss current issues affecting the real estate brokerage business. Legislative Day participants are also invited to attend C.A.R.'s annual Capitol Reception, where they can network with state lawmakers and other REALTORS®. For more information, contact DeAnn Kerr at (800) 337-9285 or via email at [email protected].


Field Representatives
C.A.R. Field Representatives work in conjunction with C.A.R.'s Member Mobilization effort to coordinate grassroots and political activities in cooperation with local associations. Field Representatives support the C.A.R. Legislative Liaison program and other mobilization efforts. For more information, contact DeAnn Kerr at (800) 337-9285 or [email protected].

Tackling Housing Affordability
In response to concerns about housing affordability within the Golden State, C.A.R. created the Housing Affordability Fund to address this critical issue. With a mission to serve as the philanthropic arm of C.A.R., the Housing Affordability Fund has been successful at working in tandem with our political advocacy efforts to promote homeownership, create an increase in housing stock, and support programs that will involve a REALTOR® transaction. Housing affordability isn't an issue that affects the less fortunate; it affects us all.

With your voluntary, 100-percent tax-deductible contribution, you can help the non-profit that supports your industry. Show your clients that you care about affordability in our state by wearing your Key to California Homeownership, a special lapel pin for contributors, beginning at the $100 contribution level. Tax-deductible contributions to the Housing Affordability Fund can be sent to: C.A.R. Housing Affordability Fund (C.A.R.H.A.F.), 525 S. Virgil Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90020. Additional information about C.A.R.H.A.F., including funding request forms, is available at www.carhaf.org . For more information, contact Julissa Gomez at (213) 739-8380 or [email protected].

Political Action
One of the most important services organized real estate provides is representation in the halls of government. RAF raises money to advance the goals of our REALTOR® political action committees (PACs) at the local, state, and federal levels of government. RAF supports and/or opposes candidates for elected office who understand, or don't understand, REALTOR® issues. RAF appears as the $197 payment on your yearly membership dues billing statement. Every REALTOR® is asked to make this voluntary investment when paying his or her local board/ association, C.A.R., and NAR dues.


Political Action Committees
CREPAC (California Real Estate Political Action Committee) is a nonprofit bipartisan committee. CREPAC supports candidates at the state level who understand the goals and philosophies of REALTORS®. The LCRC (Local Candidate Recommendation Committee) helps local associations support candidates for local elected office. LCRC funds are held in a subaccount of the CREPAC account.

CREIEC: (California Real Estate Independent Expenditures Committee) spends money independently of CREPAC on candidate(s) running for office. These funds are NOT used in conjunction with candidates' campaigns, although CREIEC funds are used to educate the citizens as to why they should or should not vote for a candidate.

CREPAC/Federal: This PAC's function is to support qualified federal candidates. The majority of funds raised by this PAC are transferred to the national REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) and are then distributed to federal candidates.

IMPAC: (Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee) is a non-profit, bipartisan committee of REALTORS®. IMPAC supports or opposes local and/ or state ballot measures that affect real property rights in California. Local funds are held in an IMPAC subaccount for local associations; IMPAC receives its funding from IAF and PAF.

Local Issues (213) 739-8273
State Issues (916) 492-5200
Federal Issues (213) 739-8375
Member Mobilization (800) 337-9285
Political Action Committees & REALTOR® Action Fund (916) 492-5200


Industry Research and Market Data
C.A.R. closely monitors and analyzes trends in the residential real estate industry that affect your clients' ability to own their own homes. C.A.R.'s economists and research analysts are widely recognized as leading experts by key industry players, media outlets, and individual REALTORS® looking for insight into developments within the state's real estate sector.


Market Stats
Considered industry experts on California's housing market, C.A.R.'s economists closely track and analyze trends, sales activity, and other economic indicators to provide timely data REALTORS® can use to explain market conditions to their clients. C.A.R. releases statistics about median home prices, sales activity, supply indicators, and affordability levels throughout the state, as well as detailed price information for more than 300 cities and communities. Monthly statistics can be found in the Economics section of C.A.R. Online (https://www.car.org/marketdata).


Targeted Research Reports
In addition to the monthly market data C.A.R. distributes, the Association conducts in-depth surveys about trends and issues impacting your business. Reports also include data released through C.A.R.'s Housing Market Series, general membership surveys and more. Excerpts from the reports are available by logging on to the Economics section of C.A.R. Online; complete reports can be purchased by contacting C.A.R. Customer Service at (213) 739-8227 or by visiting store.car.org.


TRENDS in California Real Estate
This monthly, subscription-based newsletter provides current information on housing market conditions for California and its major regions that REALTORS® can use in listing presentations, marketing materials, and more. Topics include median price and sales data, unsold inventory indexes, time on market, and housing affordability indexes. For subscription information, call (213) 739-8352.

County Economic Profiles
Developed by C.A.R.'s economics and research team, this subscription-based product is the only comprehensive single source of trends for California county economies and their housing markets available today. Updated on a monthly basis, each profile covers a specific county. To view all 25 counties that are available and to begin subscribing, visit store.car.org or call (213) 739-8278.

C.A.R. Contact Information

Executive Office
525 South Virgil Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Phone: (213) 739-8200
Fax: (213) 480-7724

Legislative Office
915 L Street, Suite1460
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 492-5200
Fax: (916) 444-2033


When sending email to staff, use the staff member's first name and the first initial of the last name followed by @car.org. For example, to email C.A.R. Vice President and Chief Economist Leslie Appleton-Young, type [email protected] .

C.A.R. Phone List

www.car.org (213) 739-8227
California Real Estate magazine (213) 739-8320
County Economic Profiles (213) 739-8278
Customer Service/Product Order (213) 739-8227
Education (213) 739-8214
Federal Issues (213) 739-8375
Finance Helpline (213) 739-8383
Housing Affordability Fund (213) 739-8380
Legal Action Fund (213) 739-8341
Legal Hotline (213) 739-8282
     Designated REALTORS® & Office Managers (213) 739-8350
Local Governmental Relations (213) 739-8273
Market Data (213) 739-8352
Media and Public Relations (213) 739-8304
Meetings, Business (213) 739-8384
Member Advantage Program (213) 739-8306
Membership Information (213) 739-8265
Ombudsman Hotline Call (213) 739-7227 or click
Outreach Presentations (213) 739-8200
Peer-to-Peer Ethics Infoline  Call (213) 739-9160 or click
relay TM Transaction Management System
 (866) 736-7328
Risk Management Packages (213) 739-8227
Standard Forms (213) 739-8232
Strategic Defense Program (213) 739-8379
Trends in California Real Estate (213) 739-8352
zipForm® - General Information (213) 739-8227
     Registration/Installation (800) 228-9466

Have a question, but don't know who to call?
Try C.A.R.'s Customer Contact Center at (213) 739-8227.


Q: Where can I find information pertaining to the disclosure requirements for different types of transactions?
A: C.A.R. Legal Services publishes four disclosure charts to help REALTORS® and their clients determine the disclosure requirements applicable to commonly handled real estate transactions. Members can download these easy-to-use reference guides from the Legal section of C.A.R. Online at http://www.car.org/legal .

Q: I've noticed I need my member number to use some of C.A.R.'s member services. Where do I find it?
A: Your NRDS number is printed on the membership card you may have received from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. If you have a copy of California Real Estate magazine, look for your member number on the label. You also can find your number on the "Edit" screen of your free member Web page on C.A.R. Online at Member Center .

Q: Why haven't I received my C.A.R. magazine?
A: C.A.R. probably doesn't have your new or updated member record yet. Changes in membership information typically take four weeks to be processed by both your local association and C.A.R. If you would like to change your address, notify your local association of your new mailing address. By default, California Real Estate magazine will be mailed to your home address so be sure to keep your home address current with your local association.  If you prefer to receive your magazine at your office address of record, call (213) 739-8320.

Q: How do I renew my real estate license?
A: The Department of Real Estate (DRE) can assist you in the process of renewing your real estate license. C.A.R. does not handle real estate license renewals. The DRE can be reached at dre.ca.gov or through one of its district offices: Fresno, (559) 445-5009; Los Angeles, (213) 620-2072; Oakland, (510) 622-2552; Sacramento, (916) 227-0931; and San Diego, (619) 525-4192. For information about C.A.R.'s continuing education offerings, contact your local association, visit C.A.R. Online, or log on to car.learningcenter.com .

Q: How do I access zipForm®?
A: First, to access zipForm® you will need to create a username and password by logging in to C.A.R. Online at www.car.org , then click on either the Sign-In or zipForm® button. Second, you also need to determine which version of the software best suits your needs. zipForm® 6 Professional allows you to quickly and easily create, edit, and complete the forms required for any real estate transaction, and can be used on the Internet from anywhere, anytime. zipForm® software operates as stand-alone software on your computer, running on Windows® 2000, ME, or XP. Third, when installing the software, you may encounter firewall issues that prevent you from completing the installation process. You will be prompted to determine which firewall vendor is causing the problem. Follow the online prompts to correctly configure your firewall.

Q: How do I change my address in C.A.R. records?
A: Call your local association with any changes. Member records are collected and updated by the local associations, which then insert office codes and other local information before forwarding data to C.A.R. For additional questions about your membership information, contact C.A.R.'s Membership Department at (213) 739-8265.

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